MYNXG® Asynchronous Motor Kit - Datasheet

The Asynchronous Motor Kit is an extension of the TracoSense M2M and offers the capability to monitor asynchronous motors. The solution is directly connected towards the motor clipboard. It converts the 380/230V into a supply voltage and provides input signals for the TracoSense M2M. The Tracosense M2M generates out of the data a series of parameters including the exact motor characteristics of asynchronous motors.




Key Benefits 


  • True Measured Motor Characteristics
  • Measured Torque of the Motor
  • RPM of the Motor
  • Measured Frequency at the Clipboard
  • Measured Voltage at the Clipboard






Asynchronous Motor Kit



























Product Number 


Asynchronous Motor Kit 116 205



Supply 380V/230V Input / 15V Output
IP Class IP65
Temperature Range -20 C…+60°C
Conformity CE, FCC
Dimensions 115 x 90 x 55 mm



Wired Interfaces 


Motor Clipboard Cable 380V, 5 x 2.5mm² Clamp
RPM Sensor Cable 15V, 3 x 0,5mm² Clamp
TracoSense M2M Cable 15V, 5 x 0,5mm² Clamp



Sensor Elements 


RPM Sensor Magnetic Sensor
RPM Connector M12.3 Female, IP65
TracoSense M2M Intelligent Sensor
TS M2M Connector M12.8 Female, IP65
TS M2M Functions Acts as Controller and Gateway
TS M2M Frequency 10-100Hz, 16bit, 1kHz Sampling
TS M2M Voltage 0-500V, 16bit, 1kHz Sampling



Motor Parameters 


Voltage 230-500V
Frequency Converter Supported Types on Request
Frequency Range 10-100Hz
Star-Delta Starting Supported



Software Functions TS M2M 


Torque Calculation Based on Measured Slip
Torque Tracking 1000 Samples per Second
Vibration x, y and z Direction
Vibration Tracking 1000 Samples pre Second









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