MYNXG IOT architecture - Manage your IoT Business Solution!

The Business Architecture enables the easy management of complex IoT infrastructures. We offer a cloud-based Software Solutions that allow you to control your IoT network. We provide tools according to your needs and process your data to provide useful information. This is done through dashboards, control panels and SW process engines that interface with your existing Business Software. We empower your business with the advantages of IoT. We take care for the complete communication infrastructure and provide the needed processes to maintain the solution remotely through its entire lifetime.



MYNXG IoT Business Architecture

MYNXG Services provides you with all needed tools to manage your IoT solution.

MYNXG Services offer solutions at any place, we just need a power outlet, no further infrastructure.

MYNXG Services are based on Ericsson Device Management & Security Technology.

MYNXG Services are hosted inside the MyOmega cloud and interface to your existing interfaces.

MYNXG Services are offering easy to understand dashboards and process flow information.





User Scenarios implemented to your needs.             

Services remote, lean flow, world-wide.                                

Gateways secure, efficient, high-performand.

Sensors customized,secure, spectrum-efficient.      



MYNXG IoT Business Architecture

MYNXG Services are licensed  to you. We provide  the scaled services tailored to your user scenarios.

MYNXG Services are located inside the MyOmega Cloud and can be provided remotely to any place.

MYNXG Services manage the MYNXG Controller, Sensors, Machines and Mobile Computing Devices.



TracoVino Solution

TracoVino collects data from vineyards.

TracoVino Sensor data are collected with the MYNXG CTRL.  

MYNXG service layer collects the data from MYNXG CTRL.

We offer predictions for quality & vineyard management.        

The user can access data on his tablets or mobiles.  

TracoVino is powered by the MYNXG Services.

TracoVino Solution


Architecture Features

Transformation through customizable user scenarios.

MYNXG cloud infrastructure for high-performance access.

MYNXG Services for easy management of complex IoT.

Security from the sensor to the cloud through GBA technology.  

High-performant MYNXG Controllers to process data.

Flexible interface configurations through LTE, WiFi, Capillary

Capillary interfaces with CoAP to control sensors & actuators.

Optimized & customized sensors according to your needs.




                                                                   MYNXG IoT Architecture brochure: pdf-download-icon



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