MYNXG IoT Services: We offer IoT as a Service –Worldwide, Remote, Secure!

MY Services

We offer a fully integrated service package for MYNXG to allow you the easy creation of any IoT structure worldwide. The MYNXG IoT Business architecture provides this IoT as a Service offering. We connect the MYNXG Controller worldwide remotely to your Business and ERP-Systems. Our service offering includes the management and analysis of the mobile networks, the remote control and administration of the gateways and the SW management of applications, sensors and actuators, connected with the MYNXG Controller.



Service benefits Tracovino

MYNXG Services connects the Controller with a Cloud-based SW solution.

IoT as a Service contains an off ering that stores data securely for 10 years in the Cloud.

MYNXG Controllers and sensors will be able to receive remote SW updates. 

We keep the service promise alive and can offer additional features and further value.

MYNXG Security mechanism & features can easily be adopted against occurring threats.

IoT as a Service provides communication enhancements in a changing environment.

We make any device a mobile citizen for its lifetime. 

IoT as a Service makes our solutions globally available.

Our Service promise is part of the partnership with the

market leading mobile network vendor.



MYNXG Iot as a service Enablement

The MYNXG Controller comes with IoT as a Service enablement to ensure the optimum Quality of Service (QoS).

The MYNXG solution is integrated with the market-leading mobile network vendor to ensure worldwide support. 

This offering is created to secure fast time to market for our customers by providing a fully integrated solution 



M Servises

MYNXG Enablement 

MYNXG IoT as a Service API connects Applications

in the Transformation Layer with the Controller.
MYNXG IoT workflow engines manage remotely
processes & data streams with the MYNXG CTRL.
MYNXG Over-The-Air (OTA) SW downloads ensure     
that gateway & sensors are maintained remotely.
MYNXG Traffic Management ensures Capillary
Networks & Sensors communicate efficient.
MYNXG Controller Management functions allow
remote operation of machines and setups.



Service Enablement

The Service Enablement Platform (SEP) is provisioned by the Market Leader.
SEP provides end-to-end security and updates the MYNXG CTRL to ensure protection against newest threads.
SEP provides Cloud storage with QoS on your preferred continent aligned to your operational needs.
SEP provides Analytics of the Mobile Network and
ensures that the Controller is interacting best possible.
SEP provided by the World Market Leader and MYNXG
are fully integrated. The entire solution is ready to go! 


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