MyOmega Services

We offer Design Services with proven track records.


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We are experts in:

  • System design from requirements to acceptance.
  • System design and project management.
  • Software Design with core competence in:

     - Cellular, wireless and wired communication.

      - Security for systems, SW, HW and Chip Design.
- Embedded Physical Layer, Drivers and RTOS.




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  • Managed Infrastructures and Data Aggregation.
  • Telemetry by Cellular & Wireless Connectivity. 
  • Infrastructure Management and Remote Monitoring.
  • Application Design and Interaction with ERP and Database.
  • Supply and Energy Management.
  • Security Concepts and Architectures.



  • Integration of M2M and Capillary Networks (ZigBee®, Z-Wave®,      6loWPAN).
  • Secure Data Aggregation and Services to CRM, ERP and SCADA. 
  • Connected Fleet and Logistic Chains include RFID. 
  • Secure Connectivity and Sensor Networks. BYOD Management.
  • Safety and Operational Services.
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 IoT Home

  • Control & Measuring by Cellular & Wireless Connectivity.
  • Smart Metering, Secure Routers and Smart Access.
  • White Goods and Home Device IoT Enablement.
  • Service Enablement towards Utility Providers.





  • Keyless Entry & Security through Secure Elements.
  • Telemetry by Cellular & Wireless Connectivity.
  • Fleet Management and ECO System Provisioning.
  • Connected Car & Data. V2V. V2I. Payment Systems.
  • Infotainment and Car Information. Cloud Computing.



We support




  • 3GPP & Cellular (LTE, HSPA, 2G). Physical Layer & Layer L2/3.
  • Wireless and Capillary (WIFI, 6LoWPAN, ZigBee®, Z-Wave®, BT, .... USB).
  • Protocols: (COAP, LWM2M (DTLS), HTTP (TLS) , MQTT).
  • Platforms: Architecture, SW & HW Integration.
  • IoT and Interoperability Testing Skills.
  • HW & SW Integration including lowest layers drivers.
security tech



  • Secure Element (Architecture, IP Generation, Trust Zones).
  • JAVA Card Operating System (Applets, Protocols).
  • Encryption (Public: RSA, SHA, ECC. Symetric: DES, AES).
  • Protocols: (COAP, LWM2M (DTLS), HTTP (TLS) , MQTT).
  • Trust Provisioning: (GBA and TPM).
  • Secure Environment and Skills up to CC EAL6 Design.
embedded sw





Embedded Software

  • RTOS design and performance optimisations.
  • Physical Layer and embedded driver development.
  • Integration of multiple, concurrent, parallel communication      interfaces. Implementation of Use Cases and higher layer SW.
  • ARM 9, 7 and CORTEX family, Intel Core ATOM & 8xxx Family,      Power PC (IBM, Freescale).
  • DSPs: Tensilica, Teak Lite, TI DSP Families.
  • Programming Languages: C, Assembly (8051,      ARM, PowerPC) C++, C#, Java™, Perl, Phyton, Shell scripting      (bash, csh, DOS).
  • RTOS and Integration of lowest layers drivers.