MYNXG Monitoring - Connect any machine! Monitor your production processes!


 MYNXG Monitoring is one application based on the existing MYNXG IoT Business Architecture. We connect our gateways worldwide through the MYNXG IoT as a Service Enablement. MYNXG CTRL i2 links through PROFINET* machines to read out standard SPS & PLC registers. The IoT as a Service Layer ensures the End2End security. Based on our intelligent gateway we off er as customization the adaptations of messages according to your production lines. In case you have old machines we offer communication solutions to read out analog machine interfaces or to monitor the functional behavior via sensors. We make any machine a Mobile Citizen!


MYNXG Monitoring Benefits

MYNXG Transformation provides information instead of data to enable decision making.

MYNXG Monitoring creates one IoT Architecture and unifies all your machinery & processes.

MYNXG Analytics & Predictions analyze sensors and SPS & PLC information in the MYNXG CTRL.

MYNXG is the disruptive priceworthy solution to make your monitoring Industry 4.0 capable.

MYNXG Monitoring enables worldwide & secure mobile access to system information.

MYNXG CTRL have integrated PROFINET* capabilities. 

Extension Cards provide wireless links to your machines.

Machinery Sensor Card links analog machines to IoT.


M Monitoring

MYNXG Monitoring

MYNXG Monitoring includes applications, cloud services, service enablement, mobile network communication and sensor support in the MYNXG CTRL. We design transformation & business applications according to your requirements. We create the solutions that meets the needs of our customers for the Industry 4.0. We host solutions in your environment or in a worldwide cloud service provided through the mobile network market leader. Our monitoring solution is supported worldwide.

M Servises

MYNXG Monitoring Services

Dashboards present evaluated and analyzed data in a user-friendly way.

MYNXG Services Layer provides storage and connects the gateway securely & remotely.

Applies logic to data & processing inside the MYNXG CTRL to opti mize performance.

Processing of alarms and usage patterns are analyzed & reports are generated.

MYNXG Machinery Sensor Card provides 8 analog channels, gas detection, air pressure,

humidity and accelerator sensors.


Analytics & Prediction Services

Comparison of current data with historic data from multiple databases.
Tools and Methods for data correlation and predictions.
Exporting status and results to business software (ERP).



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