MYNXG TracoBin Kanban Logistics: The intelligent solution that revolutionizes logistics!

 TracoBin He

Your dream is to know every minute the status of your inventories for your production. TracoBin takes photos of the bin-content and transfers it to the MYNXG Controller. Within a self-perpetuating KanBan cycle the supply is managed and monitored towards ERP systems (e.g SAP®*). Material supply is ordered, refill is organized and the invoicing is controlled. We organize the interacti on between supplier and the place of production. We make supply and production processes working without any manual need for inventories, inspection and order management.




Key Benefits

TracoBin enables electronic order & inventory processes.

TracoBin Modules, bins & MYNXG Controller is all you need.

TracoBin manages workplaces with typical 100 bins or logistic stocks with up to 3000 bins per Controller.

TracoBin allows interaction of multiple Controllers.

TracoBin is licensed by the market leader in C-Part logistics.



TracoBin Modules are inserted in each bin. 

The MYNXG CTRL i2 manages workplaces & shelfs.

The MYNXG IoT Business Architecture is provided 

 through the IoT as a Service market leader.



How is TracoBin available?

MyOmega offers together with the market leader for C-Part logistics and the IoT as a Service market

leader a complete service package that can be customized to your needs.


TracoBin Factory Model: Ensures that no ABC parts are missing from multiple suppliers. 

TracoBin Supplier Model: Improves the forecast & supply accuracy towards your customer.

The MYNXG IoT as a Service Business Architecture notifies the stocker, analyses missing parts, informs

about ordering demand and proposes orders.


IoT Architecture

Application Connectors towards SAP® R/3®*.        

Dimensions 535x120x80mm.

CTRL i2 provides image processing & remote control.



TracoBin Module

Highly integrated sensor module with CPU & Radio.

High-resolution camera with supporting optics.

2 years stand-by with build-in battery.


IoT Arc

IoT Architecture 


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