Tank Digitalization

The World Market Leader for Industrial Sensors wanted a new way to drive tank digitalization and monitoring of industrial installations. The focus was on the integration capabilities of the Gateway. The MYNXG Gateway d3 offers multiple communication interfaces and End-2-End Security. MyOmega is changing the “Edge Computing” by linking the MYNXG Gateway d3 with the cloud.





  • The MYNXG Gateway d3 has 4 current sensor interfaces (4…20mA) which control the fill level and pressure sensor installed at each tank.
  • The sensors are controlled via the sensor management, implemented inside the Gateway d3.
  • Data is recorded, normalized and buffered inside the memory of the Gateway.
  • A WIFI hot spot is created and information about fill levels is exchanged with the smart phones of the service teams that refill the tanks.
  • The built in LTE modem connects the digitalized tanks with the MYXNG Cloud.
  • Cloud Apps for tank maintenance, fleet management and customer care provide 7/24 services.



Key Benefits 


  • Simple integration of the industrial sensors without extra electronics.
  • 7/24 worldwide reliable services via mobile networks and MYNXG mobile management.
  • Reduced cost for fleet management and tank maintenance.




tank digitalization

Products Utilized 


Transformation MYNXG Pumps SW as a Service
Services MYNXG Service Cloud Microsoft Azure with Telenor worldwide coverage
Gateways MYNXG Gateway d3 without any extra interface electronics
Sensors Industrial Fill Level and Pressure Sensors





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