Cloud Hosting

MyOmega designed the MYNXG Transformation and Service Layer with use of open source tools. To host the MYNXG Systems you need a server supporting security protocols, PHP and a data base. You de-cide if you want a Linux or a Microsoft environment and install the software version as listed below. For the client you can use any internet capable device—smartphone, tablet and PC. The client requires ac-cess to the internet and a modern web browser.



Key Benefits 


  • MyOmega offers to host the cloud services for you.
  • You can host Transformation and Service Layer in any cloud that supports PHP and SQL.
  • Or host the MYNXG Cloud Transformation and Services in your on-premises data center.
  • You want a small trial with a limited number of sensors, use a standard PC for hosting.

Cloud Hosting





 Frontend Clients 


Internet access PC, tablet, smart phone
Browser Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge
Technology JavaScript (ECMAScript 7)











 Microsoft Server 


Security Transport Layer Security TLS
PHP Version 7.x (64bit)+ MS SQL Libs
Data Base MS SQL Server 2016 Express



Linux Server 


Security Transport Layer Security TLS
PHP Ver 7.x(64bit)+PostgreSQL Libs
Data Base PostgreSQL Version 9+





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