The History of MyOmega

2013, MYOMEGA, start as IP & Service Company

    o MYNXG (MyNeXtGeneration) our IOT Brand
    o NXP as first customer, Apple Payment, Architecture & SW


2015, MYNXG is starting to work

    o TracoVino Field Trials @ Mosel

2016, MYNXG first Industry 4.0 IoT products

    o TracoBin (Electronic Kanban Solution for C-Parts).
    o US patents for collision management in networks

2017, MYNXG first Industry 4.0 solutions

    o Solutions for Connected Shop Floor and TracoMat
    o Data Model, Blockchain and Smart Contract

2018, MYNXG platform with sensor portfolio

    o TracoSense for the management of IBC and Tanks
    o New Business Models with Secret & Value Data
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Company History