End-2-End Security

The MYNXG service offering includes a full security package. The Public Key Infrastructure generates and distributes the keys. Meta data, Secret Data and Value Data are generated by Trusted Platform Modules (TPM). The entire solution is ISO 27001 certified by TÜV Rheinland.



Key Benefits 


  • Value Data for sale to customer and Secret Data for producer are encrypted by TPM.
  • Trusted Platform Modules from Infineon secure best possible security of keys and software.
  • MYNXG Public Key Infrastructure provides keys for encryption and decryption of data.
  • US Patent registered Blockchain for Smart Contracts and 300x more efficient data storage.






The MYNXG Blockchain is optimized for sensor / Gateway configurations. The TPMs are used for the cryptooperations. Communication algorithms reduce the communication overhead by a factor of 150.


The Data Model offers End-2-End security. Meta data are protected through HTTPS protocols. On top we protect the Value Data and the Secret Data with encryption from the sensor to the receiving application.


MYNXG smart edge gateways are protected with TPM. During each startup sequence the entire SW inside the gateway is checked for authenticity and integrity. Only validated SW applications are executed. The same applies for sensors.












 Security Infrastructure 


Key Generation Public Key Infrastructure
Documentation MYNXG Smart Contract
Value data encrypted extra security
Secret data encrypted extra security



Gateway Security 


Root of Trust (ROT) TPM Infineon SLB 9665
Linux / Android Fully protected and signed
SW Applications Each Application is signed
Services ¨ Updates Over-The-Air secured via TPM



Thing Security 


Root of Trust (ROT) TPM Infineon SLB 9665
MYNXG sensor OS Fully protected and signed
Services ¨ Updates Over-The-Air secured via TPM




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