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Smart Edge Computing

Gateway d3


The MYNXG Controller d3 provides the ultimate edge computing experience…


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Make Your Logistics Smart



Manage your parts with electronic inventories and automated re-order processes...


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Make Your Containers Smart

TracoSense IBC


Manage your IBC containers, monitor the fill levels live...


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Make Your Product Smart 



Create intelligent products by collecting data worldwide with TracoSense….


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Manage Your Shop Floor



Utilize Indoor Positioning, manage your assets, collect data direct from the machinery...


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Predictive T

Make Your Vineyard Smart



Collect data from any place wtih our robust outdoor sensor platform....


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Sensor Portfolio


MYNXG offers multiple sensors for your IoT solution. We design our sensor solutions with a modular concept, all sensors are controlled through ARM Cortex CPUs. The operating system of the MYNXG sensors has been developed over the last 5 years. The MYNXG Sensor OS is specialized in ultra-low power consumption and high flexibility. TracoSense offers full LTE communication and a modular concept to control with the Asynchronous Motor Kit (AMK) motors or via the Ultrasonic Fill Level sensor tanks and IBCs. Traco4You can be tailored to supervise your machines—heating or cooling solutions.





Key Benefits:



  • Mass market sensor elements are utilized to create cost effective solutions.
  • MYNXG sensor OS for lowest power consumption, offer up to 4 years operation time.
  • Modular sensors, produced in Germany, offer a maximum flexibility for customized designs.
  • All our sensors support the MYNXG Data Model whit Secret and Value Data.



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