The TracoSense is a sensor platform for product monitoring. The communication is capillary (ISM Band), via WiFi, or via mobile communication (LTE, 3G, GSM). The built-in digital sensors offers data points for movement and climate. Additional satellite sensors can be connected through digital and analog interfaces and provide a full monitoring of food containers, motors, pumps and any machines.




Key Benefits 


  • Connects any machine—pumps, drives...
  • Creates full insight into any machine
  • Monitors supply processes
  • Collects additional data points via satellite sensors
  • Acts as a low cost gateway with LTE capabilities
  • Provides remote worldwide connectivity

tracoSense datasheet

tracoSense datasheet 2

tracoSense datasheet 3









Product Number 


TracoSense EU 151 301
TracoSense US 152 301



Supply Accu 3,6V or supply 24 V
IP Class IP65
Temperature Range -20 C…+60° C
Conformity CE, FCC
Dimensions 110 x 60 x 55 mm



Wireless Interfaces 


Mobile LTE, 3G, GSM
WiFi 802.11b/g/n, Hotspot Mode
Capillary ISM Band 868 MHz
Capillary Range Indoor 100m, Outdoor 3000 m



Digital Sensors on Board 


ST Gyro Sensor Acceleration, Orientation
Bosch Climate Temp., Humidity, Pressure
Vishay Environment Ambient Light
Geo Localization GPS / Cell Information



Satellite Sensor Kits 


Connected via M12 digital / analog Interface
AMK for Asynchronous Motors
UltraSonic for Fill Level of IBCs and Tanks
Analog sensors for Pressure, RPM, Temperature



SW Functions 


Movement Tracking 6000 samples per second
Vibration Tracking 6000 samples per second
Acoustic monitoring Up to 10 KHz
Services \& Updates Over-the-Air (OTA)
Data Model Secret and Value Data
Security TPM with MYNXG cipher suite
Installation Self registration
Operation Time Accu up to 12 months









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