Traco4You can be customized to your needs with additional sensors out of the MYNXG Sensor Portfolio. It connects your products via existing WiFi Hotspots and controls your products via Modbus. The Traco4You offers a low-cost MYNXG Gateway solution that can be integrated for example into cooling or heating system. The secure MYNXG Data Model transports your data to your cloud.




Key Benefits 


  • Easy tailored to customer needs
  • Utilizes existing WiFi host systems
  • Offers full integration to MYNXG cloud
  • Best security with Trusted Platform Module
  • Fully supported Modbus for integration with any device—cooling, heating and machines
Traco4You 1 Traco4You 1





Traco4You 2









Product Number 


Traco4You 156 331



Supply 4,6—24 V supply voltage
IP Class Up to IP65
Temperature Range -20 C…+60°C
Conformity CE, FCC
Dimensions 49 x 42 x 17 mm



Wireless Interfaces 


WiFi Client mode
WiFi Hotspot mode for mobile UE
Bluetooth HW prepared



System Features 


Modbus Control up to 246 devices
Modbus commands Set to control devices
WiFi communication Full support of MYNXG Cloud
Mobile configuration Via WiFi to mobile devices
MYNXG Data Model Secret and Value Data



SW Functions 


Configuration Up to 246 connected devices
Tracking Up to 1000 samples per second
Services & Updates Over-the-Air (OTA)
Data Model Secret and Value Data
Security TPM with MYNXG cipher suite
Installation Self registration
Command set 11 Modbus commands









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