Retrofit Sensor

MYNXG is designed for the Internet of Things and enables the digitalization for companies of any busi-ness size. The MYNXG Connected Shop Floor integrates legacy machines with retrofit technology. For each machine to be monitored one wireless TracoMat is used. The sensors are assembled at the ma-chines. Onboard sensors monitor the operation of the machine and detect cycles. Dashboards provide insights like utilization, operation stand and preparation times…





  • Each machine can be monitored with one TracoMat sensor.
  • TracoMat measures vibration, shock, acceleration, sound.
  • The sensor detects events and transfers data towards the d3 gateway.
  • Algorithms create data points: machine and program status, program counting.
  • Installation is very easy with d3 Gateway and Smart Edge Computing functions.
  • Smart Contracts and Over-the-Air (OtA) services enable business roll-outs for any business.



Key Benefits 


  • A dashboard visualizes data and provides you insights and analysis in real time.
  • Best possible security through Data Model with Secret and Value Data.
  • Each machine is monitored and can be linked to ERP or any existing SW solution.
  • Real Time Performance and Kanban Supply Processes can be easily monitored.
  • The Retrofit sensor can be combined with other shop floor and logistic functions.








 Products Utilizied 

Transformation MYNXG Connected Shop Floor Analysis and -Performance
Services MYNXG Service Layer with Data / Thing / Mobile Management
Gateways Four MYNXG d3 Gateways with d3.1 RTLS option
Sensor TracoMat TracoBin RFID Tag


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