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The most critical step in the Logistic Chain is the recognition that a part must be re-ordered. The entire production is always dependent that all parts are available. Very often the small standard components are the most critical ones. To address this challenge, big companies use the BIN KanBan Solutions of Würth. However, the existing system is dependent on the human factor and the recognition that the parts must be ordered.



The MYNXG® TracoBin® Logistic offers now the solution that solves the most important challenges for the part logistics:

  • Re-Order of the parts.
  • Portfolio Maintenance, adding or removing parts.
  • Electronic Inventory, recognition of order levels.
  • Supplier Process, adding and finding the best supplier.




The TracoBin® Solution is easy to install, all components are designed for the challenges of the rough conditions in the logistic world.

  • You can utilize any existing Industrial Shelf.
  • KanBan BINS of Würth.
  • TracoBin® for best radio performance and longest standby designed sensors.
  • MYNXG ® industrial controller, self-installing plug and play.
  • Integration Options to link TracoBin® with your existing ERP solutions.





The entire TracoBin® logistic process is built upon experience and patents of Würth that have been proven inside the industry. MyOmegas world leading sensor know how and MYNXG® US patented IoT and network management technologies enables the solution for the Industry 4.0. TracoBin® combines the best solutions into one system.


MyOmega TracoBin® solution offers two all-inclusive packages that will allow any company to setup the KanBan system and to create lean processes with its suppliers. For suppliers, we offer support to create easy to maintain systems and high efficient supply solutions to improve customer satisfaction.


  • TracoBin®Basic Kit for Customers
    • MYNXG i2 is a high performance, multi communication and secure Gateway that manages the bins locally, aggregates the data and processes the images.
    • MYNXG TracoBin® sensor placed inside the bins (W-KLT2.0®) records the fill level via camera and is reporting towards the MYNXG® Gateway.
    • MYNXG TracoBin® Android™ Applications for Mobile Phones or Tablets, to access the TracoBin® system, re-order and maintain parts or access the entire electronic inventory, precise and at any time.
    • Support to create and install TracoBin® at your location.
  • Basic Supplier Package
    • MYNXG i2 Gateway, MYNXG TracoBin® (W-KLT 2.0®), MYNXG TracoBin® Software for Android™ Mobile Tablet or Phone.
    • MYNXG TracoBin® specific software for suppliers, this package provides access to your existing ERP system. Provides extra service for order, commissioning and management of big number of TracoBins®.
    • Support to create and install TracoBin® and to setup KanBan processes.

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