MYNXG® TracoVino - Datasheet

The TracoVino solution is a outdoor platform for the collection of data. Typical applications are vineyards or any kind of planatation. 12 analogue or 6 digital sensors sensor elements can be connected. TracoVino is solar powered and buffered by a battery pack. The TracoVino Sensor Platform sends the data via capillary ISM bands towards a MYNXG gateway.




Key Benefits 


  • Robust outdoor solution in metal housing.
  • 3000m capillary range (gateway-sensor)
  • Collects data from up to 12 analog sensors
  • Collects data up to 6 digital sensors



tracovino splf













Product Number 


TracoVino EU 111 206
TracoVino US 112 206



Supply Solar Powered
Energy Buffer SLA battery 4,5 Ah capacity
Housing Metall Housing
Dimensions 530 x 130 x 130 mm
IP Class IP 65
Temperature Range -20 C…+60°C
Conformity CE, FCC



Wireless Interfaces 


Capillary ISM Band 868 MHz
Capillary Range 3000 m



Wired Interfaces 


Analog Interfaces 6 x Analog (2 x I/O, VCC, GND)
Digital Interfaces 6 x Digital (I²C, VCC, GND)
Connector Type M12.8 Male, IEC 61076-2-101
TracoVino Sensors Air Humidity & Temperature
TracoVino Sensors Ground Humidity
TracoVino Sensors Ground Temperatue
Actuators 2 Relay Contacts (2 A /48 V)



SW Functions 


Services & Updates Over-the-Air
Security End-2-End Security
Capillary Protocoll CoAPS
Installation Manual Registration
Data Collection Configurable Heartbeat
Actuator Control Remote Commands
Operation Time Unlimited









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