MyOmega presents MYNXG at SAP SAPPHIRE 2015 in Orlando

Orlando, 25.000 attendees, and us – MyOmega. The Sapphire and ASUG conference was held as the biggest SAP convention once a year and attracts analysts, SAP users, future customers and partners from around the world. MyOmega was invited as a member of the SAP Start-Up program, which mission is to combine the innovative power and speed of young companies with the market and technology strength of SAP. The program is under the patronage of SAP’s CEO Bill McDermott who invited the Start-Up companies present to a round table meeting. He discussed each party’s solution and how to introduce them to SAP customers.


This year’s theme was “Run Simple” which was also the topic of SAP’s CEO, Bill McDermott opening key-note. HANA, SAP’s in-memory cloud-based business intelligence and analytics tool, was the main star of the conference. HANA offers incredible low response time and fast execution enabling new applications.


MyOmega presented its innovative Precision Agriculture solution called “TracoVino®” as part of the exhibition. Precision Agriculture was a major show case on SAP’s impressive James-Bond like 10 meter wide, round floor display in the center of the exhibition. TracoVino® is an IoT (Internet of Things) solution for winemakers. MyOmega is building TracoVino® based on its IoT ecosystem named MYNXG.


TracoVino® supports the vine maker at the cultivation level and makes the data from the vineyard accessible in real time. Solar-powered sensor platforms collect data like temperature, air humidity, soil humidity, solar radiation, light intensity directly from the vineyard.  All data gets transferred to the Cloud where it is used to create predictive analysis and visualized reports. Here HANA does the prediction based on past and current data and returns it in real time back to the TracoVino® solution which displays results on connected mobile devices. The winemaker gets easy real-time access to all data through TracoVino app on the smartphone or tablet –anywhere and anytime. All information to optimize the vineyard management are instantly and effortless available.


MYNXG can be used also in other IoT applications like Remote Industry Control and Maintenance, Access Control and Automotive Telemetry and Vehicle to Vehicle communication, which were also major topics during the convention.


MyOmega System Technologies,


May 3rd 2015.