Service Layer

The service offering includes Data, Thing and Mobile Management. Things like sensors, actuators and machines are managed remotely and worldwide. MYNXG Things receive always the newest Software Over-the-Air (OTA). US patented radio technologies ensure that they can work under all radio condi-tions with the best Quality-of-Service (QOS). MYNXG managed Things are protected through proven End-2-End security.



Key Benefits 


  • Cloud agnostic MYNXG technology that works on Microsoft Azure, SAP HANA or your server.
  • Worldwide Best-in-Class service coverage through multiple mobile networks per country.
  • We collect your data, protect, transport and create value to your business.

service layer





You are the owner of your data, we operate services as you like it. MYNXG technologies are cloud agnostic and developed with hundred of years of design experience. MYNXG collects your data worldwide, reliable and secure.


MYNXG smart edge gateways reduce data amounts and communicate via robust protocols and effective mes-sages with the cloud. The launch of Things and the Qual-ity of service is ensured via US patented technologies that enables infinite operations of gateways and sen-sors.


In Germany we combine Telekom, Vodafone and the O2 network into one service, the same principle is applied worldwide. The service is provided as a data pool, gate-ways can activate and deactivate the service, only the active links are charged, this creates the best possible cost structure Thing Management at best prices.












 Data Management 


Data Storage Azure, SAP HANA or any Server
Remote Control Via mobile networks
Quality of Service IoT at Mobile Service Levels
Launch of Things Remote and self organizing



Thing Management 


Gateways Remote, Plug and Play, OTA
Sensors Remote and self organizing
Traffic Management US Patented Technology
Services and Updates Over-the-Air (OTA)
Roaming Sensors between gateways



Mobile Management 


Mobile Network Telenor or your operator choice
Network usage Pooled Data Budgets
End-2-End Security Trusted Platform Module (TPM)
Dynamic Keys Infrastructure that changes keys




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