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The key for our customer is to create true value and benefits around “the pump”. To offer better services, transparency about the usage of the pump and the creation of predictive maintenance are the focus. To offer better design services and to control the spare part business are further benefits. The answering of basic questions about the usage of the products is the heart of the MyOmega Solution processes, which is focused to provide improvements for pumping solutions.





  • The TracoSense M2M is operating fully self-sustained, all sensing is done automatic, the solution communicates End-2-End secure towards the pump manufacturer.
  • Pump relevant data, the location and the load of the pump are reported.
  • Data analytics and service predictions are created towards the operator of the pump, allowing a better prediction of his service needs and costs.
  • Cloud hybrid apps are providing relay functionality via WiFi during cellular non-coverage.



Key Benefits 


  • Monitoring of products during the entire product lifecycle.
  • Acquisition of key data and product status information out of any location.
  • Predictive maintenance and improved customer services.
  • Remote maintenance and Over-the-Air system updates.




smart products pumps

Products Utilized 


Transformation MYNXG Pumps SW as a Service
Services MYNXG Service Cloud Microsoft Azure with Telenor worldwide coverage
Sensors TracoSense M2M with LTE, 3G, GSM and WiFi
Sensor Kit Asynchronous Motor Kit and Dry-run Detection Sensor





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