Ultrasonic Board

The UltraSonic Board is a sensor for measuring fill level under difficult conditions like foam, moving containers, etc. In combination with the Piezo crystal and multiple algorithms it can optimize fill level for multiple liquid viscosity and different IBC geometries. The solution can be used for tanks with different surfaces like plastic, steel—with and without liners.




Key Benefits 


  • Measures fill levels
  • SW configured volume measurement
  • Algorithms to compensate movements
  • Configurable parameters for different liquids
  • Configurable parameters for geometries
  • Over-the-Air remote SW and parameter update
  • Additional pressure sensor can be connected
  • Additional temperature sensor can be connected

Ultrasonic board









Product Number 


UltraSonic Board 156 231



Supply Battery 3,6V
IP Class IP65
Temperature Range -20 C…+60°C
Conformity CE, FCC
Dimensions 110 x 60 x 55 mm



Digital Interfaces 


TracoSense Cable 15V, 5 x 0,5mm² clamp
TracoSense Connector 1 at TS
UltraSonic Board Cascading of 7 Boards



Sensor Interfaces 


Temperature 2x Lines PT 100 / 1000
Piezo crystal 2x Lines VCC 5V /GND piezo
Piezo crystal 2x Lines VCC 30V /GND piezo
Pressure 2x Lines



SW Functions 


Fill Level Dynamic fill level recognition
Pressure Dynamic measurement
Temperature PT100 / 1000
Calibration Self calibration algorithms
Capillary Protocol CoAP(s), TPM secured
Installation Self registration
Services ¨ Updates Over-the-Air via TracoSense









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