MYNXG® TracoSense M2M





The MYNXG® TracoSense M2M offers a product monitoring solution that solves:

  • Monitoring of products during the entire product lifecycle.
  • Acquisition of key data and product states independent of the location.
  • Lowest possible operation and communication costs.
  • Predictive maintenance and improved customer services.
  • Remote maintenance and Over-the-Air system update.




TracoSense M2M offers a smart service portfolio to control food/beverage containers:

  • Transformation processes including quality control, preventive actions in case of failures and a managed “Kanban” are available within the ERP system.
  • Condition logs of temperature, air pressure, humidity are available at any time.
  • Intelligent gyro, magnetic and tilting sensors register movement of the barrels.
  • Transport monitoring provides the location information of all goods, during the processing, at transport and during the consumption at the customer.
  • The fill level is measured via an ultrasonic fill level sensor “satellite board”.






TracoSense M2M® is the key to provide unique services:

  • Adaptive sensor for smartest power management and lowest operational cost.
  • TracoSense® is utilizing different ways to communicate.
    • Capillary free ISM band to communicate via gateways;
    • Cellular LTE,3G,2G to communicate directly to the cloud
    • or wireless “Relay” via WIFI and mobile.

TracoSense M2M key features

  • Rechargeable battery or power supply through “satellite boards”.
  • Battery operation with up to 6-month standby time.
  • End-2-End Security based on Trusted Platform Module (TPM).


TracoSense M2M® is the key to provide unique services:

  • MYNXG TracoSense M2M basic kits and solution elements:
  • MYNXG TracoSense M2M industrial grade IP65 dust and water protected sensor.
  • MYNXG TracoSense M2M Dimensions 110 x 60 x 55 mm (L,W,H).
  • MYNXG TracoSense satellite boards to measure parameters of e.g. asynchronous motors.
  • MYNXG TracoSense SW for Android® Mobile Tablet or Phone.
  • MYNXG TracoSense SW package to connect your product via SAP as a Service.
  • MYNXG Service Layer to create worldwide coverage at minimum operational expenses.
  • MYNXG Gateways to provide smart edge computing solutions.
  • TracoSense M2M support to create, install and operate your IoT solution.

MYNXG Design Thinking:

  • MyOmega offers “Design thinking” workshops and tailored solutions for your needs. We are the agile development partner for your IoT Industry 4.0 solution.
  • Please contact MyOmega to create more value out of your products.

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