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The transport of goods often is the blind spot of the whole logistics process. Usually You don’t have the control of the location and condition of Your goods during the transport. Here the MYNXG® TracoTransport creates benefits:

  • Detect events and monitor environmental conditions for the goods in real time.
  • Identify risks during transport and ensure your “Just in Time” value chain works.
  • Gain time for corrective measures and allow your logistic management to act pro-actively.

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Transport monitoring: supervise and monitor goods during transport. Add to your “Just in Time Logistic” the possibility to act on events that may cause damage to your goods during transportation.



How does it work?

  • Transport sensors are attached to each critical good. The sensor reports all data via capillary wireless communication to the Tablet within 100m range.
  • The tablet reports frequently the geo location and the data of all sensors towards the cloud. In case certain sensor threshold levels are exceeded, alarm messages are created automatically.
  • Cloud based SW analyses the incoming data. Smart data is created with graphical representations, events and messages based on user definable rules.


  • Monitor more than 100 goods per Truck.
  • Monitor infinite goods at shipping and receiving place with highest quality of service.
  • Highest quality of service for capillary networks >99.8%:Sensors with battery standby time of 6 month @ 1minute reporting interval.Sensors with battery standby time of 6 month @ 1minute reporting interval.
    • Sensors with secured reachability of 100m.
    • Communication & collision management algorithm to protect the service.
  • Over the air and remote sensor management:
    • Dynamic setting of all sensor thresholds.
    • Over the Air download of sensor SW update in the field.
    • Full end-2-end security through worldwide mobile security standard.


  • Transformation Layer SW (product specific functions):
    • Supply monitoring, supervise your supply chain and identify goods that may not arrive with the right quality. Document the shipping and receiving of goods.
    • Preventive actions, propose action plans and proactive responses. Create your solution before the problem disturbs your production line.
    • Warehouse, combine the transport monitoring with additional MYNXG gateways to document your inventories and register incoming and outgoing goods.
    • Transport Monitoring is pre-integrated with SAP HANA and can easily be part of your ERP Systems.
  • Service Layer SW (product specific functions):
    • Geo fencing, monitor the position. Each time interval, the tablet reports the geo-position of the truck, deviations from defined routes cause alarms.
    • Transport alarms, in case that conditions are outside of guard bands, automated alarms are generated. This can be controlled at any point in time and per individual good /sensor.
    • Condition Monitoring, creates graphical diagrams and records each transport with all data sets, full documentation of any transport.
  • Aava Inari 8, (Rockedized) Tablet, with the MYNXG SW for Transport and the application to control the system on the truck.
  • Extension Card EC1, USB extension card connected to the tablet to enable the wireless link towards the Traco Transport Sensors. One extension card supports up to 100 Traco Transport Sensors.
  • TracoTransportSensors, robust battery powered sensor that records:
    • Acceleration, orientation, tilting and magnetic field of the earth (Bosch Sensor).
    • Temperature, humidity and pressure (Bosch Sensor).
    • Ambient light monitoring (Vishay Sensor).
    • Reports in regular time intervals and/or triggered by shock- and or ambient light values exceeding programmable thresholds.



Get started with all elements you need:


  • AAVA Inari 8 tablet with MYNXG OS andTRANSPORT SW.
  • 10 TracoTransport sensors.
  • 1 Extension Card EC 1.
  • Support, 2 hours’ consultancy service to guide your setup.
  • SW Licenses and Support:
    • Trial account to test your system.
    • Transformation layer with standard dashboard and geo tracking application.
    • Service Layer with mobile account.

Scale your system:

  • Scale your system as you like. Add Sensors and systems as you like, see our product catalogue. Build your transport monitoring solution to your needs.
  • Per truck: you add one tablet (including MYNXG SW and the Extension Card).
  • Per good: you add one transport sensor.
  • Further question: MyOmega offers all services to customize your solution to your needs.




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