Our Culture

At MyOmega we live a culture of passion for technology and commitment. We work on the forefront of technology. Our skilled, creative and highly motivated professionals are eager to drive innovations as a team.

Our work is based on the awareness that the Internet and communication Technologies are under permanent transition. The increasing degree of networking and connectivity requires new solutions for industry and society. We know that we always have to envision this bigger picture to create sustainable products.

Our knowledge, experience and the spirit of invention inspires us creating solutions:
  • To pioneer the Internet of Things.
  • To improve the quality of application sand networking capabilities.
  • To apply highest security standards on technology and processes.
  • To provide customized services and innovative products.
We have a culture that is defined by simplicity and execution.
  • We tell what we do – we do what we tell.
  • We guess – We ask – We learn.
  • We think IoT.

We deliver.