IOT Platform

MYNXG  is an integrated IoT Platform providing all solution elements from the sensor to the data visualization and processing in the cloud. MYNXG creates user benefits and provides New Business Models, System Intelligence and Data Models that create added value to customer.





Functions :

  • Transformation: is offering multiple capabilities to create new business models. User Interaction and visualization of data in a cloud-based application.
  • Services: provides Thing Management, worldwide and remote via mobile technologies. Business Models are enabled and Data protected via Smart Contract, Blockchain and End-2–End Security.
  • Transformation- and Service Layer software can be hosted on any cloud or server.
  • Applications can easily be implemented on the Service Layer Rest API.
  • Solutions for Logistics, C-part-management, Industry 4.0 to monitor motors and pumps, control machines and the Connected Shop Floor have been already launched with world market leaders.
  • Gateways: edge computing is provided for the execution of local tasks. Real time processing re-quirements and fast End-2-End secure data transfers to the cloud are executed.
  • Things: Sensors and actuators monitor machines and report the status towards the cloud. The cloud configures and manages the sensors fully remotely.


Key Benefits :

  • Holistic architecture that offers a complete IoT Infrastructure.
  • Synergy between customer expertise and MYNXG communication and technology skills.
  • Customer driven Service Layer Rest API and Gateway edge computing capabilities.
  • Stable, sustainable and industry proven solutions based on Google Android, Intel Atom, Linux and ARM are used to create best in class platform experience.


mynxg system


TRANSFORMATION (Visualize & Manage)


The visualization of the relevant data is a key functionality of the transformation layer. Digital Twins create virtual copies of your Things in real-time. Electronic Inventories and System Dashboards provide powerful tools to manage big number of Things. Configuration of data streams can be made via application interfaces or through the Configuration menu. All menus can be customized according to customers “Look & Feel”.


MYNXG offers existing solutions with the following user stories:



Logistics C-Parts

Tracosense IBC cover

Logistics IBC


Connected Transport 




Tank Digitalization



Connected Shop Floor


RetroFit Sensors

RetroFit Sensors













SERVICE LAYER (Store & Process)


The service offering includes Data, Thing and Mobile Management. Things like sensors, actuators and machines are managed remotely and worldwide. MYNXG Things receive always the newest Software Over-the-Air (OTA). US patented radio technologies ensure that they can work under all radio condi-tions with the best Quality-of-Service (QOS). MYNXG managed Things are protected through proven End-2-End security.


Service Layer  Security   Cloud Hosting  





GATEWAY (Connect & Capture)


d3 comp




Gateway d3   




Things (Sense & Act)


TracoSense Sensors



MYNXG provides performant sensors and actuators. Our sensors utilize wireless US-patented technologies and offer best in class performance. MYNXG sensors are optimized for industrial robustness and utilize high volume components to create value for money.






Motor Kit

Fill Level

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