MYNXG d3 Controller



The key for the creation of Smart Edge Computing are the integration capabilities of the Gateway. MyOmega is focused to create Smart Edge computing for the Industry 4.0. The “d3 Gateway” is offering “Android” applications, an operating system based on Linux with high robustness and End-2-End Security. Intel Atom 3815 /3825 CPU are used to control a wide range of industrial communication interfaces both wired and wireless.



MYNXG® “d3 Gateway” is making the Edge smart

  • Industrial Housing with passive cooling allowing DIN rail and wall mounting solutions.
  • Android ® Edge Computing powered by Intel Atom® Dual Core CPU’s.
  • Communication via LTE Modem, wireless Wifi Hotspot / Client and 2 Gigabit Ethernet LAN Interfaces including Profinet®, Modbus and Siemens S7 Protocol Support.
  • Wired sensor integration via 2 Voltage (0…10V), 4 Current (4…20mA), RS485 / RS232 . interfaces and thousands of capillary wireless sensors via the ISM band (868 Mhz).


MYNXG®“d3 Gateway” Tank Digitalization 


d3 1

  • The d3 current interfaces (4…20mA) control the fill level and pressure sensors.
  • The sensor management is implemented as Android application.
  • Data is recorded, normalized and buffered inside the memory of the gateway.
  • A WIFI hot spot is created and information about fill levels is exchanged with the smart phones of the service teams that refill the tanks.
  • The built in LTE modem connects the digitalized tanks with the MYXNG Service and Transformation Layer.
  • Cloud based applications for tank maintenance, fleet management and customer care provide 7/24 services to any customer, worldwide and End-2-End secure.


MYNXG® “d3 Gateway” evolution



“d3” is more than just the sum of its parts. MyOmega has been created by communication experts to develop the ultimate system for the Internet of Things. Together with our partners we offer the benefits of the Mobile Eco System towards the Industry 4.0. The gateway d3 is the newest product combining the best into the ultimate.

d3 2


MyOmega TracoBin® solution offers two all-inclusive packages that will allow any company to setup the KanBan system and to create lean processes with its suppliers. For suppliers, we offer support to create easy to maintain systems and high efficient supply solutions to improve customer satisfaction.


MYNXG® “ d3 Gateway “ user benefits

  • “d3 Gateways” are easy to program for any Android® developer.
  • “d3 Gateways” are powered by a MYNXG Linux based operating system system that makes it easy to control a unique communication experience.
    • LTE, HSPA and GSM cellular communication.
    • WIFI hotspot and client solution to allow tablets and mobiles to connect.
    • Connect and manage “thousands “ of capillary ISM 868 MHz sensors.
  • “d3 Gateways” allow the easy integration of your wired infrastructures.
    • Profinet and Modbus devices are connected via 2 x Gigabit Ethernet.
    • Wired sensors can be integrated via 2 x Voltage and 4 x Current interfaces.
    • Additional digital sensors can be served via the MYNXG I²C bus.
  • “d3 Gateways” are secure and support remote maintenance by an End-2-End Security based on a Trusted Platform Module (TPM).
  • “d3 Gateways” are 145 x 125 x 56 mm small designed into a Phoenix Contact housing.


MYNXG® and the d3 Gateway support your digitalization

  • “d3 Gateways” offer further customization through tailor made d3 connector boards.
  • We are the agile development partner for your Industry 4.0 solution.
  • Please contact MyOmega to create Edge Computing Experiences for your portfolio.

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