MYNXG Tags provide the most reliable industrial solution for RFID. The Mifare tags are used for all kind of applications and guarantee long time sustainability of implemented solutions. RFID tags offer a price worthy solution that allows reading and writing of small information typical 48 Bytes. Inside RFID tags you can store product numbers, serial numbers, counters, identities, etc.




Key Benefits 


  • Each asset is equipped with an ultra small RFID tag
  • Each asset has unique identification number linked to the ERP & data capturing
  • Smart phone to access NFC Tags
  • Sensor and Gateway solutions to access UHF tags
  • Standardized protocols for easy communication
  • Utilization of Mifare NFC and UHF tags
  • Integration in every environment possible













Product Number 


RFID solutions On demand



Supply Passive RFID tags
IP Class IP69
Temperature Range -40 C…+125°C
Conformity NFC ISO / IEC 11443 13,56 MHz
Conformity UHF ISO / IEC 18000.6 RFID
Dimensions tools


Diameter 10 x Height 4,5 mm

Dimensions tags 2 x 1,2 x 0,5 mm



Digital Interfaces 


Protocol EPC global Gen2
Protocol compliance ISO 18000-63
Product family NXP Mifare



RFID Reader 


Dedicated reader UHF @ 868 MHz
Smart phone NFC @ 13,56 MHz



SW Functions 


Read information Possible with all Mifare RFID
Write information Possible with all Mifare RFID
Counters Possible with all Mifare RFID
Security Read and write cycles
Access applications Support of entrance control
Identity tags Secure product identity
Product label Smart product labels
Service counters Secure counting of cycles
Time stamps Secure time of usage









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