The TracoMat is the multi-purpose sensor for real time localization services and shop floor monitoring. The sensor can be mounted to any machine, gripper, electric drill and tools. It recognizes the position of the machine or tool within the shop floor. TracoMat measures vibrations, sound and movements of the machine. It monitors the exact positions via hall sensors, counts cycles, gets real time measurement of acceleration and other machinery insights.




Key Benefits 


  • Wireless machine data analytics
  • Indoor positioning with 10 cm accuracy
  • Real-time retrofit monitoring of machines
  • Movement and vibration tracking of machines
  • Cyclic measurements and counting
  • Battery life time up to 12 months







 tracoMat 2









Product Number 


TracoMat EU 151 211
TracoMat US 152 211



Supply Battery 3,6V
IP Class IP65
Temperature Range -20 C…+60°C
Conformity CE, FCC
Dimensions 33 x 26 x 3 mm



Wireless Interfaces 


Ultra Wide Band 3,5—6,5 GHz
Capillary ISM Band 868 MHz
Range Indoor 100 m



Digital Sensors on Board 


ST Gyro Sensor Acceleration, Orientation
Bosch Climate Temperature, Humidity
Distance Sensor 0...50 mm



Real Time Location Services 


Accuracy ca 10 cm inside buildings
Anchors 4 MYNXG Gateways d3
Method Time of Arrival TOA



SW Functions 


Movement Tracking 6000 samples per second
Vibration Tracking 6000 samples per second
Acoustic monitoring Up to 10 KHz
Services & Updates Over-the-Air (OTA)
Data Model Secret and Value Data
Security TPM with MYNXG cipher suite
Installation Self registration
Operation Time Battery up to 12 months









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