Logistics IBC

The MYNXG solution for IBCs offers the ability to control the entire cycle from filling to return. Leading IBC suppliers want to improve the services around the IBC for their customers by controlling the transport and through a disruptive technology for their fleet management. Added values are created through innovative new functions like Dynamic Best Before Date and an improved Kanban process.





  • Transformation processes including quality monitor, preventive actions in case of failures and a managed Kanban are available in real time with MYNXG Electronic Inventory .
  • Fill level monitoring at any time including consumption times at the customer.
  • Localization of the containers and information about air pressure, humidity, temperature and shock at the IBC.
  • TracoSense recognizes the process status and adapts to achieve 12 months operation time.



Key Benefits 


  • MYNXG Thing Management provides access to IBC at any time.
  • Management of empties, status reports of IBC (dirty, cleaned, filled, defect…).
  • Avoid claims by providing full data for Dynamic Best Before Date .




logistic ibc

Products Utilized 


Transformation IBC for Food/Beverage, Chemistry and Pharmacy Industry
Services MYNXG Service Layer with Data / Thing / Mobile Management
Gateways MYNXG Gateway d3 optional to manage bulks of IBC
Sensors TracoSense with UltraSonic Board, TracoSense IBC





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