TracoVino® - Make Your Vineyard Smart



 TracoVino is an Internet of Things solution that supports winemakers to improve the quality of their wines, optimize workflows and to monitor vineyards  remotely. Data like temperature, humidity, light intensity, air and soil humidity are collected directly from the vineyards. The winemaker benefits by receiving  alerts, reports and predictive analysis based on this data on a tablet or mobile - any time and anywhere. Any information to optimize the vineyard management  is instantly and effortlessly available.



Key Benefits

TracoVino improves wine quality by providing fact-based real-time information remotely.

TracoVino provides predictive tools for quality, quantity, irrigation and pesticides management.

TracoVino collects and transfers data with highest security and from up to 3km distance.

TracoVino provides the real-time information at the tablet or the smartphone - anywhere, any time.



TracoVino  sensor platform optimized for vineyards.    

Sensor Platform in robust metal housing .  

Applications accessible on any tablet or smartphone.



TracoVino Offering

TracoVino product includes TracoVino Sensors, MYNXG Controller and cloud-based services. 

TracoVino is provided as a product with a service fee or as a service business model.

MyOmega consults with you the needs of your vineyards and offers tailored services.


Predictive Tools

Get your vineyard data real-time at any place.          

High-quality graphs for all sensor values.

Historical data to compare and analyze cases.

Grape quality and quantity predictions.

Support for pesticides & fungicides.

Harvesting scheduling and health predictions.




Sensor Platform

Ideal form factor for vineyard machinery usage.        

Dimensions 535x120x80mm.

Maintenance-free operations with self-recovery

functionsCompliant with IoT standards

5 standard sensors measuring:

  • Humidity, Soil Humidity
  • Temperature, Solar Radiation

Additional sensors for Leaf Wetness, Soil PH

Values and Nutrient Levels.

Predictive test 


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